May 032011

Well the results are in from my poll:

It would appear everyone prefers to win phsyical books. I am surprised that not one person prefers ebooks. I am quickly becoming a huge ebook fan. I will admit to liking phsyical books, but mostly because I can give them away after I have read them.

I do have a new poll up checking to see if you prefer giveaways with one prize, or with multiple prizes.

  3 Responses to “Poll results”

  1. I voted for gift card but only because 'two week vacation in the Seychelles' wasn't an option. 🙂
    Even though I do like ebooks also they don't really feel like a winning prize as there's no physical aspect to them which might be why others didn't vote for that option either.

  2. The reason I don't like ebooks is because I have trouble getting some formats on my reader. If I know an ebook is coming as a Kindle edition from Amazon is if I can choose where it comes from, I would be more likely to enter. But I love the smell and feel of physical books.

  3. @Marc: I think if a giveaway listed a two week vacation anywhere then they might be overwhelmed with entries.

    @Ricki: Not knowing the format of an ebook is a good point. It is something I don't think of mentioning in my own giveaways. I will try to make a point of doing that in the future.

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