May 172011

The Abandoned (The Graveyard Queen Prequel) by Amanda Stevens
Rating: 4/5
Source: Purchased ebook
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Ree Hutchins is a psychology student who volunteers at a private mental hospital. When an elderly patient dies Ree begins to experience odd events. One of these odd events results in her meeting amateur ghost hunter Hayden Priest. Together they set out to settle the reason for Ree’s unease.

This is a delightfully creepy prequel to The Restorer. While the main story is about Ree and Hayden, we do get a sneak peek at some of the characters from The Restorer, including Amanda, Detective Devlin and Dr Shaw. Having already read The Restorer, it was awesome to catch a glimpse of these familiar people before the spotlight turns on them.

Ree is a charming woman who has a great heart. Her concern for Violet is touching, and very obvious, as exhibited by her willingness to read to her, even while she sleeps. It is always great to have a heroine you can so readily cheer for.

Hayden was a dreamy addition. His gentlemanly behaviours brought a smile to my face. Even when some of his actions seemed a bit off, he still seemed to always be striving to do the right thing.

This is a quick read, and a great addition to the series.

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