Apr 072011

Slate by Brian Rowe
Rating: 3/5
Source: Review copy from author
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Vivien is a Hollywood casting director who catches her husband cheating on her. After she leave him, she decides to get revenge and move on by finding her own leading man. She starts casting for a fake movie to find that perfect guy, but at what cost?

I found this book to be very in your face and Hollywood-y, which I think was the purpose. Vivien was an over-the-top woman on a mission. I found her reaction to her husband’s betrayal a little sad and pathetic. Instead of moving on with her life in a productive and mature manner, she turns to revenge and sleaze. But it was quite humourous to read.

The character of Gavin, Vivien’s son, was a bit confusing to me. I couldn’t really get a grasp on what age he was. Apparently he was 13, but at various times in the book, he seemed much older, or much younger. It seemed that has the story progressed, he went from acting 16 or 17 backwards to 10 or 11. But I don’t have much experience with teenaged boys, so maybe his behaviour makes sense. I’m sure growing up in Hollywood makes a big difference as well.

Overall, I found the book entertaining, albeit a tad too direct for me. I have reached an age where I prefer my romance novels sweet and subtle. But that it just a personal opinion. I know plenty of readers would appreciate the “bodice ripper” qualities.

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