Apr 182011

A Secret Kept by Tatiana de Rosnay
Rating: 2/5
Source: Local library
Links: Amazon, Goodreads, Author’s website

Antoine Rey takes his sister Melanie to their childhood vacation spot for her birthday. They spend a great deal of time reminiscing about their childhood. On their way home, they are in a horrific car crash and Melanie is hurt. As they recover, she remembers something about their mother that will shock and disturb them.

I did not get all the way through this story: I only finished half of it before I had to return it. And I am content to leave it unfinished. What I did listen to, I didn’t really enjoy.

I thought this wasn’t so much a story, as a rambling look back at Antoine’s life and memories. At the half way point, the secret about their mother has still not been revealed. From the synopsis, I expected this to be something important that would have been discovered already. Otherwise, how is the reader to know the impact of the secret on Antoine’s life, if there isn’t any time to show the aftermath.

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