Apr 302011

RAK stands for Random Acts of Kindness. It is an awesome idea by Book Soulmates to help spread the love of books and appreciation to other readers.This is my wrap-up post for April.

Last month I mentioned that McGuffy Ann of McGuffy’s Reader sent me an ARC copy of Prayers and Lies by Sherri Wood Emmons, but I hadn’t received it yet. Not only did I receive it, read it and review it, I also sent to someone else who expressed an interest in reading it. It was my first RAK sent out.

I also received Kiss Me Deadly: 13 Tales of Paranormal Love edited by Trisha Telep (RAK from Pamela at At Home Between the Pages).I am looking forward to reading it.

I sent out one other book, my ARC copy of What Comes After by Steve Watkins. I never got a chance to read it, but I saw it on someone’s Waiting on Wednesday post, and figured she’d probably enjoy it more since it wasn’t really high on my TBR list.

So in summary, I received two books and sent out two books. That’s a pretty good first official month. I will definitely be signing up for May.

I do have a wishlist at Goodreads, but there are currently 71 books on that list. That is a lot of variety. So I’ve decided to list my top ten using a Book Depository wishlist. Hopely I get one or two, and I can send out a few as well.

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  1. That's a great start 🙂 I love that you sent some of your own copies…that means that those books found new, loving homes!

    Thank you for participating!

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