Apr 142011

The Prophecy by Alison O’Neill Hess
Rating: 3/5
Source: Won from author
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Published in February 2011.

Lucie has four days to figure out the ancient power that has suddenly manifest itself.  She needs to learn what it is, how to use it, and who she can trust. All within four days, because then it is her birthday, and the day she must save the world.

I found this to be more of a short story than a full novel. As such, everything happened really quickly, without much development. I’d love to see it fully fleshed out in a full-length book.

The premise of the book, and Lucie’s actual powers were very interesting. The fact that her whole family is involved was an added bonus.

Overall, there is not much I can say without giving away most of the story. Except that I liked what I read, I just wish it was written with more details, and explanation.

  3 Responses to “The Prophecy”

  1. Sounds like a good story, but missing the details, the fleshing out, to make it a good book.

  2. ghee, i hate it when a book is like that but its a pretty good read. was this religious based?

  3. No, it's not religious at all. Based more on mythology.

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