Apr 122011

One Day by David Nicholls
Rating: 4/5
Source: Local library
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Emma and Dexter spend the day together on July 15, 1988. They go their separate ways, but think of each other and keep in contact. The story looks in on them on July 15 each year for twenty years.

I thought this was a really neat idea of a book. It covers a wide span of time while still maintaining a focus thread. Each chapter covers July 15 in a different year. The author does a great job developing the characters, and really letting you into their lives at each point in time.

I was worried that this time jump would create gaps that would make it hard to follow and get to know the people, but it was easy. There is a bit of backfill in each chapter, but it is fit in seamlessly, so the whole story flows nicely.

Emma and Dexter are real people, with real problems. They also grow and change as you would expect them to do as they age from 20 to 40. I was impressed that every step seemed like a natural progression.

My one concern was not so much with the book, but the comment printed on the cover. “One of the most hilarious and emotionally riveting love stories you’ll ever encounter.” I did not find the story hilarious in any way. Two of the comments on the back mentioned the word “funny”. It wasn’t funny at all. It was quite serious. In fact, it was so different from the comments that I actually found the first 50 pages or so to be almost depressing. But it was emotional, and it was riveting. Just not in the light-hearted manner that I was expecting.

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  1. Hello
    I read this last year and I did enjoy it – although not light hearted as you say.
    I liked the way the story unfolds.

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