Apr 062011

Death of a Gentle Lady by M C Beaton
Rating: 2/5
Source: Local library
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Hamish Macbeth is the local policeman in Lochdub, Scotland. Mrs Gentle is a new citizen who everyone loves, except Hamish. He thinks she’s hiding something.When she dies under suspicious circumstances, Hamish investigates to try to find the truth.

I belive this is what is referred to as a “cozy mystery”. I felt like I should be drinking a cup of tea while listening. The accent of the narrator was soothing and pleasant. It made me want to drowse.

Unfortunately, the story did too. It was slow and boring. I couldn’t get into it, or invest emotionally in any of the characters. I found Hamish to be annoying, and the women surrounding him seemed airheaded. His fellow policemen were just a shade off incompetent.

The story did offer a few twists and turns, enough that I had to learn the ending. There was a good conclusion, with a suitably complex situation.

Overall, I’d love to listen to the narrator again, but maybe with a different story. I’m sure if you enjoy a slow, quiet murder mystery story, you’d find this quite enjoyable. And this is just one of a whole series, so there are plenty to enjoy.

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