Mar 022011

Vengeance in Death by JD Robb
Rating: 4/5
Source: Personal collection
Links: Amazon, Goodreads, Author’s website

This is the sixth book in the series. It mainly focuses on Roarke and Summerset’s past. A series of murders are committed, and the evidence points to Summerset. Lieutenant Eve Dallas must play, and beat, the killer’s game in order find him, stop him, and save Summerset and Roarke.

This chapter in the series really brings Summerset to life. It explains where he and Roarke come from, their shared past, and the tragedies they have endured. By the end of the story, Summerset seemed like a real person, with emotions and feelings, and not like the robot Eve thinks he is. 

This transformation, and Eve’s reaction, highlights how her feelings towards Summerset are changing as time passes. He is becoming family, and she will do anything necessary to protect her family. Even if she still doesn’t like him.

One thing I did like, and did not believe, was Eve’s ability, and seeming nonchalance at keeping the real reason for murders away from her bosses. This isn’t the black and white, by the law behaviour that she is known for, and I felt it was a bit too much out of character.

Overall, the book fits the series well, and helps flesh out and develop the two main men in Eve’s life.

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