Mar 162011

Naked Heat by Richard Castle
Rating: 4/5
Source: Local library
Links: Amazon, Goodreads, Author’s website

This is the second book in the Nikki Heat series. This a police drama that follows NYPD Homicide Detective Nikki Heat as she investigates the death of a gossip columnist. It is Heat’s luck (good or bad?) that Rook, her love interest from the first book, was profiling the murder victim for his latest article.

I found this installment to have a lot more humour than the first book. I especially loved the twist of learning what Rook’s side job is. No hints from me, but it did leave me laughing my whole drive home. It also led to a few good one-liners later in the story.

One thing I did not know previously is that the author of the series is actually a fictional character from a television show. The actual writer is unknown. I thought this was a neat publicity trick of the television show. I don’t watch the show, so I obviously wasn’t clued in.

This audiobook had the same narrator as the first. I found him much smoother and natural this time round. The continuity of the narrator was a pleasant experience, and one that helped trigger my memories of the first book.

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