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The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde Rating: 3/5
Source: Local Library
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Thursday Next is an agent from Special Operations Network, Literary Detective Division in England in an alternate 1985. In this world, literature the ultimate entertainment, time travel is possible, and lots of things are weird. Thursday starts off trying to solve the mystery of who stole Dickens’s original manuscript for Martin Chuzzlewit. This turns into a hunt for a diabolical archvillain through time, space, and literature.

I found it really hard to understand what was going on for the first 3 CDs (about 25% of the book). The world is very different, yet mostly familiar, and since nothing is really explained, I found it hard to keep up. By the end of the story, I was doing fine, and I’m sure if I chose to read other books in the series, I would have a much easier time.

But I don’t think I will read more. Even though there is plenty of exciting things happening, I found the book overall dull. Thursday was dull. The villain was a stereo-type, and the other characters seemed flat. I just couldn’t get to a point where I cared about any of them.
I think part of my un-enjoyment of the book stemmed from the fact that I have not read either Martin Chuzzlewit or Jane Eyre, both of which play a large part in the story. So I wasn’t really aware of the differences that happened in these books unless it was specifically pointed out, and I don’t think everything was. Maybe someone who has read these books could tell me if doing so helped make The Eyre Affair easier to understand?
The narrator really fit the story. She had a pleasant, young voice with a slight English accent, exactly as I would picture Thursday Next as having. She was enthusiastic and entertaining, and really seemed to know the story. Definitely a good narrator.

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  1. I did like the book but it was hard to get a mental grasp on the world. I've read Jane Eyre so that made the book more entertaining but it has been several years and I don't remember the particulars. A librarian friend discarded the whole set and gave them to me after I read the first one– I never did read the second one.

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