Feb 182011

These Things Hidden by Heather Gudenkauf is about Allison, who was sent to prison for commiting a heinous crime, and her sister Brynne, who carrys the burden of the crime. Allison has been released on parole to a halfway house, and wants to make amends with Brynne, who wants nothing to do with her.

Based on the fact that Allison’s crime is kept a mystery in the synapsis, I was surprised to find it revealed within the first 100 pages. But of course, it is more complicated that first given.

The story is told through the eyes of four different women, with each chapter being told by a specific person. It seemed like there were two completely unrelated stories being told until right near the end, but they did tie in together. The author did a very good job making each narrator unique. You didn’t usually need to read the chapter title to know who’s chapter it was.

I found this a very emotional read. There was one thing that I had trouble believing, but I can’t say what it is without giving away the entire story. But even with that, the story was amazing.

Rating: 5/5
Source: Review copy from Net Galley

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