Feb 202011

Perfect pets peek a boo! by Tim Bugbird is a combination lift-the-flap and textured book.

This is a combination hit and miss. The flaps are full page sized, so it’s more like a fold-out page, which I don’t enjoy as much. My son won’t lift these types of flaps, he prefers me to do it, since it’s like flipping the page.

The textured parts are cute, with some on the flaps, and some under the flaps. The bouncy ball was my son’s favourite. Squishy if he pushed and squeaky if he scratched. Like fingernails on a chalkboard squeaky. Not a sound I enjoyed.

The story is cute. Each page has a short story about a different animal. There are 4-5 words higlighted and bigger, and one is the name of the animal hiding under the flap. The name is revealed when you see the animal. Cute idea, but my son didn’t care for it. Just wanted to play with the textures.

Rating: 3/5
Source: Local library

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