Feb 172011

My latest read in preparation of my upcoming annual performance review was Negotiating Your Salary: How to Make $1000 a Minute by Jack Chapman. It was a very easy read at only 170 pages. While it focus mostly on negotiating for a beginning salary, there was a whole chapter about raises. And it was fairly easy to see how to apply the rest of book to a raise situation.

The raise chapter discussed how to keep a “job journal” to track your accomplishments. That is the first step, which you can start at any time, and easily maintain.

The second step is all about making your boss aware of your accomplishments, and getting them to acknowledge them. I never really thought about it, but the book points out “…bosses who allow efficient workers the freedom to do a good job are less likely to be aware of workers’ accomplishments. Such bosses are so trusting of your work that they naturally pay attention to their problems instead of your performance.”

Once your work is acknowledged, then you discuss a possible raise, using the techniques discribed in the rest of the book.

Overall, I was impressed with this book. It had lots of useful information for both new jobs, and raise situations. I am working on creating my job journal to help with performance review. Hopefully all my research into salary negotiations will pay off in the end.

Rating: 4/5
Source: Local library

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