Feb 182011

Naked in Death is the first book in the In Death series by JD Robb. It is a fictional police drama set in the future. It centres around Lt Eve Dallas, who is a strong, independent woman who lives for her career.

There is plenty of action, mystery, and more than a few steamy scenes. This book really introduces most of the main people who appear throughout the series.

I don’t think I’ve read this one before, so it was great to get the original introduction to everyone that I remembered from reading other books in the series. And I had forgotten how steamy some of the scenes are. Wow!

While it is not realistic (how many ultra rich, amazingly handsome and genuinely nice guys are out there?), it makes for relaxing and entertaining reading.

Definitely a great book, and a quick read at that. Perfect for when you need a break.

Rating: 4/5
Source: Personal collection

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