Feb 182011

Immortal In Death is the third book in the In Death series. This book really focuses on Eve and her friendship with Mavis. The book starts off with a model being murdered, and Mavis being the number one suspect.

It is interesting to see Eve and Roarke’s relationship deepen, with Eve having to shop for a wedding dress. I’m not a huge shopping fan, but I don’t dread it like Eve does.

I really liked the idea and theme of family running through this book. Eve doesn’t think she has family, but her thoughts and actions really highlight how a person can create their own family with friends. Not to give anything away, but the collection of ladies at her bachelorette party are her family, and it is quite a group. All strong, independent women, and very realistic with each having their own personality and flaws.

Rating: 4/5
Source: Personal collection

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