Feb 172011

Fail Harder is an upcoming book from the people who bring you failblog.org. So what qualifies as a FAIL? How about a nursery outfitted with a gun rack hanging over the baby’s crib? Perhaps the equation, “E=MC3” written on a classroom’s write/erase board. What about a trifecta of beauty parlor, chain saw repair, and nightclub housed inside an all-in-one-stop shop?

I have followed the Fail blog for a while as my source of easy, and quick laughs. The book is a collection of photographs that would definitely appear in their feed. The pictures are amusing, and make you wonder whuck?

There were a few pictures that I didn’t find amusing, but since humor is very subjective, I know many people would love them.

Rating: 4/5
Source: Review copy from Net Galley

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