Feb 232011

Dance Lessons: A Novel by Aine Greaney will be published in March 2011. It follows Ellen as she travels to Ireland to find her deceased husband’s mother. Ellen has only just discovered she exists when she bumps into a woman who knew her husband growing up. He’s always told her he was an orphan.

This book was very sentimental, and had a misty quality to it. It’s light and airy, yet still has a great deal of emotion. I found it delightful, sweet, and very sad.

There are a few spots where the story seems to switch narrators and time frames rather abruptly, but overall it flows quite well.

It ends a little abruptly, without any kind of closing. But the idea of the ending is there, I just wish there were a few sentences that tied it up and signalled the end. When I read the last page, I tried to flip to the next to read the final paragraph.

Overall, this is a beautiful, poignant story.

Rating: 5/5
Source: Review copy from Net Galley

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