Feb 182011

Ceremony in Death is the 5th book in the In Death series. This volume is centered around the theme of witches, Wiccan and Satanism. It starts with Eve investigating the death of a fellow cop, and escalates to investigating several murders.

The book really develops Peabody’s character. She has quite the knowledge of Wicca based on her personal background, and starts to show herself as a real asset to Eve.

A bit more of Roarke’s background and personality quirks are also revealed, centering around his Celtic background. He is shown to be more human than fantasy in his book. Not just the incredibly hot rich guy, his feelings, thoughts and insecurities are shown more thoroughly than in any previous book in the series.

While the theme is much darker, it still reads easily, quickly, and enjoyably, just as I’d expect.

Rating: 4/5 Source: Personal collection

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