Feb 182011

Before Cain Strikes by Joshua Corin will be published in March 2011. It is about FBI agent Esme Stuart, and her pursuit of a serial killer teacher who is encouraging his “class” to go killing sprees.

I found this book very graphic and gory. Too much so. There were too many killing scenes that were overly detailed. Toning back the detail would have made a much nicer read.

The actual plot was interesting. But I found it overshadowed by the gore.

I had a hard time believing the character for Esme. Yes, her workaholic nature seemed real, but she dismissed the rest of her life too easily. The rest of the characters were cookie cutter cardboard.

I wanted to like this book. But I couldn’t. There just wasn’t enough there to grab my attention and hold it.

Rating: 1/5
Source: Review copy from Net Galley 

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