Jul 222014
Review: Confessions of a Murder Suspect

This was a very entertaining and intriguing story that caught me by surprise. As I frequently do, I started the book without re-reading the blurb, and so wasn’t sure what it was about. What I got was a mysterious story told by a teenage girl speaking directly to me, while warning that she’s probably the definition of an unreliable narrator. I listened to the audiobook version, and the story lent itself very well to this format. It wasn’t just a narrated story, it was Tandy telling me the story. The voice worked well, and really knew how to portray a [...]

Jul 212014
Review: Gravely Inanimated

Wishy-washy, woe-is-me female characters annoy me, and unfortunately I just couldn’t take the main character in this book. Lucy seems to lament the fact that she’s single one minute, and then suddenly she’s met 2 men and is worried that she’s leading them on by not making a decision between the two. This change happens within days, after meeting one of the men only once. It just made me roll my eyes so hard it hurt. I made it a third of the way through the book, but it didn’t feel like much action was happening, and what little action [...]

Jul 202014
Week in review July 20

This was a quick week. I’ve been continuing my recent habit of reading books very quickly. I think each of the books I finished this week were read within 24 hours, often within just a few hours on one day. It makes for some intense reading sensations, which is a great experience while it’s happening, but it can sometimes leave me feeling drained after the book is done. Books read: Evening Stars – This series is so heartwarming, I love reading it. Every Other Day – An entertaining story that I honestly didn’t expect to like, but one that I [...]

Jul 182014
Review: Child of the Knight

I read the first book quite a while ago, and while there isn’t much of a recap, it was easy to follow and enjoy this book on its own. Part of this enjoyment stemmed from the fact that there seem to be no lull in action for the entire book. My heart seemed to pound with excitement through the whole read, and I didn’t want to put it down in case I missed something. This book really centres on family and children, and how the well being of each is really connected. This is made physical through the ties between [...]

Jul 172014
Discussion: Pet Peeve: Turning Off Her Cell Phone

I want to discuss a book pet peeve I have: when characters miss important things because they turned off their cell phones. Who actually turns off their cell phone on a regular basis? I don’t. I don’t know anyone who actually turns off their phone these days. Maybe when cell phones first came out, but not now. Most people I know only have a cell phone that is turned off when the battery dies. Even then, most people charge their phones whenever the battery starts to get low, so unless you’re using it all the time, it’s never off. I [...]

Jul 162014
Guest post: RJ Sullivan

The Wass-onme Art of Bonnie! I’ve told the story a few times before. In 2011, I had published my first novel, Haunting Blue, for the first time, and was doing my first convention touring with a local group of authors, including Michael West. I had a chance to see Michael and Seventh Star Press publisher Stephen Zimmer interact, saw a few of their books, and knew then that SSP would end up on the short list of where I wanted to send my next completed manuscript. During this time, I had a chance to check out several titles, including Michael’s [...]

Jul 152014
Review: The Book of Life

The trilogy finale is here, and it’s the best book of the series. Picking up right where the second book stops, this story is all about Diana, her powers, and Ashmole 782. I was worried about whether I would like this volume as I adored the second one, and I credited it to the historical setting. My worries were for naught as this story was utterly captivating. With the focus on Diana’s babies, her powers, and her final search for The Book of Life, there were plenty of situations that demanded attention. Diana spends a great deal of time still [...]

Jul 142014
Review: Cruel Beauty

I haven’t really read many fairy tale retellings, but if this book is any indication, then I need to start seeking them out. Although, to be fair, while this is marketed as a Beauty and the Beast retelling, it is quite far removed from that story. Nyx has had a difficult life, knowing that she was to be married to the Gentle Lord since she was little. As a result, she’s not a happy person, and harbours a lot of anger towards her father and sister, most of which seems rightfully earned. And yet Nyx never gives up. She’s strong, [...]

Jul 132014
Week in review July 13

This has been a great reading week. I finished both a trilogy and duology that I’ve been looking forward to, got further along in a beloved series, and have just been generally loving my books lately. The weather here has been really hot and sunny all week. We’re having above average temperatures, just like last July, although I do hope that it rains at some point this month, unlike last year where we had zero rain in July. The weather is calling for sunshine for the next 14 days, so I’ll be choosing shade and sunscreen as much as possible. [...]

Jul 122014
Review: Kitty Hawk and the Hunt for Hemingway's Ghost

Oh, how I want to take a vacation in the sunny Florida Keys. Nevermind that my local weather is nice, this story conveys the beauty of the Keys so well that I want to experience it myself. This book is a lot more laidback and not as dangerous feeling as the first, but the storytelling was just as amazing. Like the first book, I learned a lot about the history of the setting, without realizing it. I’m left with a sense of wonder about it, and the urge to know more. Luckily, the author was prepared for this, and there [...]