Apr 232014
Review: Sins of the Son

I flat out loved this story. I really like the first book in this series, and I’m so happy that I loved the second book even more. This is an intense angel versus demon with looming apocalypse storyline. It’s heavily religion based, and yet the story doesn’t feel religious at all. I feel like it took the best parts of a religion-based plot (strong characters with familiar feel) and avoided the potential pitfalls (preaching) and delivered an overall amazing story. This story is set in Vancouver, which gives me warm fuzzy feelings. I love when stories are set in Canadian [...]

Apr 222014
Review: Suddenly a Spy

Sometimes you just need a fluff read. This book fits that bill. It’s a classic romance action story with a lot of entertaining humour. The humour was the highlight of the story for me. There was witty banter, silly jokes, and Jeff’s antics were very amusing. I spent most of the book with a grin on my face because it was down right amusing. The actual story was a bit too over-the-top unrealistic for me. Ronnie went from an average office worker to super spy in just a few glossed over months. Her reasonable reaction of anger at learning her [...]

Apr 212014
Review: Wake

This book was all about secrets: keeping and revealing them. Who knows them, who can be trusted with them, what do you do with them. It was an intriguing story, and while the romance was sweet and clean, and very cute to read, I kept going back to the secrets. Not all the secrets are revealed in this first book. We got very little explanation of Janie’s condition, which was a bit annoying. I wanted to learn more about how she got it, and how it works, and just more in general. Hopefully this comes later in the series. My [...]

Apr 202014
Week in review Apr 20

It’s chocolate time! I’m a huge chocoholic, so I love Easter. Mmmm… Cadbury creme eggs… Funny story, my son doesn’t like candy or chocolate (except chocolate milk), so his Easter basket was full of games and toys. The Easter bunny did bring a few treats for mommy though, lol. Books read: Kitty Hawk And The Curse Of The Yukon Gold – This was a fun YA adventure that had action and history, and some familiar landscapes. It was an all around enjoyable read, and I want more Kitty! Written On Her Heart – A sweet romance that. while following a [...]

Apr 182014
Review: Open Minds

This was an exciting story that started as a high school paranormal drama, and morphed to a high-powered thriller. The action comes fast and furious, and caused me to stay up late just so I could finish the last 50 pages. I couldn’t put it down without getting to the end. I loved Kira. She was a likable heroine whose internal dialogue was easy to relate to. Her soft heart and strong moral compass are great attributes that helped make her character easy to support. Kira’s ability, or disability, had very realistic reactions within her high school. This was especially [...]

Apr 172014
Discussion: When Series Names Are the Same as Book 1 Titles

Pet peeve time. I dislike when the name of a series is the same as the title of the first book. For example, The Hunger Games is the title of the series, and the first book in that series. I find it confusing because when someone talks about The Hunger Games, I always question whether they are referring to the book or the series. Why must there be a confusion? Why can’t the series name be different? It’s not like most series are spur of the moment decisions, with the author having no idea they were going to write a [...]

Apr 162014
Review: The Writer

While I enjoyed the premise of the story, this was one instance where the writing left me DNFing the book. I found the plot pacing was too uneven. Nothing happened for long stretches, and then too much happened all at once. It was hard to follow and stay engaged. I found the wording to be very repetitive, with the same details being retold over and over. Combining that with the constant verb tense changes that had me rereading passages to understand what was happening left me exhausted and unable to enjoy the story. I can usually overlook or read past [...]

Apr 152014
Review: Before I Die

I wanted to like this story. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it, but I just didn’t care for it. Tessa is just not a likable character. I understand that Tessa’s situation is heartbreaking and her anger is a very valid response, but I just couldn’t like her. Tessa is selfish, obnoxious, and mean to everyone she meets, including her family and friends. She has lost herself in her cancer and treats everyone around her like garbage. Her list of things to do before she dies isn’t very mature, or respectable: sex, drugs, illegal activity. Nothing on her [...]

Apr 142014
Review: Nightwalker

The start of an urban fantasy series, this book features a very strong heroine who gives no apologies for her behaviour, a semi-partner who seems both good and evil, and a unique paranormal enemy in the form of naturii, who are a combination of elves and fae. I quite enjoyed the fast paced action, especially in the later half of the story. There is a lot going on, and most of it involves action and adventure. We do get a glimpse at Mira’s history, which provides a softer, more rounded view of her rather than just the tough exterior shown [...]

Apr 132014
Week in review Apr 13

I don’t feel like I have a lot of news this week. This was a quiet week, filled with lots of reading and spending time with my son. I probably feel like I have nothing to say because I already talked about my week over on my personal blog. Books read: The Writer – Interesting idea, but the continually changing verb tense was just too hard to read. Open Minds – A very exciting paranormal story that went from high school drama to high-powered thriller very quickly. Wake – A secret filled story that featured an adorably sweet romance. Suddenly [...]