Aug 272014
Review: To Die Fur

This is such a fun series. I was laughing out loud in multiple spots, and giggling like crazy in others. What else can you expect from a series that includes floating turtle ghosts, a talking reincarnated and very sassy cat, a ghost dog able to take the form of any breed, and a whole menagerie of other animals? Foxtrot is a great main character. She’s just the right amount of sanity, and controlled behaviour needed to offset all the paranormal craziness. Her practical and logical manner comes in very handy, and her quick wit and sharp thinking results in plenty [...]

Aug 262014
Review: Memory Zero

This was a fun and action packed start to a new urban fantasy series. The most interesting feature of this book was the inclusion of shapeshifters and shapechangers. These are two very different abilities in this book, and it was interesting to learn about the differences. The explanations were very clear, for this, as well as other paranormal creatures, which made the unique types easy to understand and keep straight. Sam makes a good heroine as she has many puzzles in her past. They are mostly just touched on in this first book, with a few hints given here and [...]

Aug 252014
Review: The Land of the Shadow

As a second book, this story was quite exciting and took the series into a great direction. While the first book focused on the immediate aftermath of the disaster, this book is all about starting to rebuild and learning how to live in a new world. Like my comparison in the first book, this book reminded me of Sunrise (Ashfall #3) by Mike Mullin, but with an adult setting. I really appreciated how realistic the story felt in terms of the actions the characters took. It was interesting to see how people respond to living in a technology-free world, and [...]

Aug 242014
Week in review Aug 24

After a few really busy weeks, this past week has been very quiet. This weekend is the first in a while where we’ve done nothing, and it’s really nice to have a chance to just relax. Especially since summer is almost over, and school starts soon. Well, it would if the teacher strike ends. We’ll see if that happens. Books read: Silent Partner – A slightly clunky feeling detective story with a paranormal twist. Kendrick and Sara of Draconia – A painful case of tell instead of show that I DNF’d early. Beautiful Disaster – A seriously apt title, the [...]

Aug 222014
Would You Rather...

I saw this quick questionnaire floating around the blogosphere, and decided to join in. Would you rather… 1. Read only trilogies or stand alones? Stand alone books please! I do like series books, but stand alones are my favourite. There is no fear of the dreaded boring 2nd book. 2. Read only female or male authors? I don’t care what genre the author is, as long as the story is good. 3. Shop online or in person? I do most of my book shopping online. It’s easy and convenient, and often cheaper. 4. All books become movies or TV shows? [...]

Aug 212014
Guest post: Lissa Bryan + Giveaway

The end of the world changes a person. Carly and Justin have been through a lot in the End of All Things series, and both of them have had to grow and adapt in ways they never would have expected. When we met Carly in the first book, she was an ordinary young woman who’d just been through an extraordinary ordeal, literally witnessing the destruction of the world she had known and the death of everyone she loved. She was in a deep state of shock and denial when Justin found her, but Justin can see she has fire and [...]

Aug 202014
Review: A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty

Is it strange to call a story gorgeous? Maybe so, but I really feel that term fits this book. A Southern contemporary with a hint of mystery, this story is about family, and love, and the things people do for both. Told in alternating chapters with Big, Liza, and Mosey each having a voice, the story unfolded in a slowly widening narration with past and present events intertwined in a smooth and flowing style. The language of the book greatly contributed to the experience of reading it as it was so smooth and eloquent. Even Liza’s chapters, which were from [...]

Aug 192014
Review: The Godless

This is the first book in an epic fantasy series with a very intrigued and complex world. Even after reflecting on the book for a while though, I’m not sure what I really think of it. I found this to be a very long read. Yes, the book itself is long, but more than the physical length, it just felt long. The world building is very complex, and the plot progresses quite slowly. For a book based on the beginnings of a war, it doesn’t feel like much happens. The narration is split between three people, Ayae, a regular person [...]

Aug 182014
Review: The End of All Things

This is an exciting and adventure filled apocalypse and survivor story. At first I was very unsure of Carly’s character. She seemed very OCD, and her thought processes almost seemed to show a mental handicap. I don’t think her character actually had any issues, as things seemed to progressively improve throughout the book. I supposed to could have been shock due to the disaster that happened, but without a peek at her before character, it was hard to judge. As such, I found it took a long time before I was able to connect with her, but I got there [...]

Aug 172014
Week in review Aug 17

All the visiting family went home early this week, and our regular quiet resumed. It was nice to get back to normal, although I did feel like I needed a weekend right away. So much so that I really thought Tuesday was Thursday, and was severely sadden to learn my mistake. But at least it gave me more time to read, which I definitely used. Books read: A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty – A gorgeous Southern family story that was very moving and emotional. The Land of the Shadow – An engaging story about building and defending community in a [...]