Apr 232015
Review: Suspected

The first book in this series blew me away with it’s incredible look at, and treatment of, gender. This second book does something similar with technology. The book showed two very different extremes of technology use, with East Country almost completely tech-free, and Mid Country totally tech focused. It was an interesting contrast, and helped to show how extremes of any nature are not healthy. Some of the technology that Mid Country employed were interesting and amazing. But some options were extremely scary, and extremist in the worst possible way. Being able to draw the line between the two types […]

Apr 212015
Review: Dead Beat

Reading this series is like listening to the latest adventure of a friend, and this book is no exception. This time around Harry goes through a lot of trouble, but comes out a little stronger than before. Character growth in a series can be a big deal, and Harry tends to grow very slowly. This book felt like it had some measurable growth, which is good since the bad guys keep getting more and more evil. Even if Harry’s personal growth seems slow, the growth of his family is much more obvious. Contrasting his relationships in this book with the […]

Apr 202015
Review: The Lair

Ugh. Just ugh. Where I loved the first book in this series due to its portrayal of an autistic character, this book read like a cliched teenaged angtsy relationship. It felt like all Lily and Carter did was whine about their relationship. How loving each other put them both at risk. How they couldn’t act responsibly or logically if they were near each other. And yet neither wanted to be apart. It was just all so overblown. I was most disappointed in the developments of Mel’s character. Being turned into a vampire “cured” her autism, and I found it almost […]

Apr 192015
Week in review Apr 19

This past week has been pretty quiet. The weather here is getting gorgeous, and yesterday was beautiful t-shirt weather. By sheer coincidence, there was a midway in town this weekend, so we went there for a few hours yesterday. My son had lots of fun on the rides. I think his favourite was a tie between the giant slide and the dragon rollercoaster. I went on the later one with him, and while I used to love rollercoasters when I was younger, I don’t think I’m a huge fan anymore. But he loved it, so that’s what matters. Books read: […]

Apr 162015
In Depth Book Discussion: The Ending I Wanted for The Truth About Alice and a few other rants

Some books make a really big impression on readers. Sometimes it’s hard to say everything you want in a spoiler-free review. When that happens, sometimes you need to go in depth into the story and rant about something good or bad. Warning: The following post contains spoilers. If you haven’t read The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mathieu, you might want to check out my spoiler-free review instead. The Ending: I recently read The Truth About Alice, and while I found it a very powerful book, I thought the ending was very anticlimactic. The book had an important message, and […]

Apr 152015
Review: What You Left Behind

While I felt this story started off a bit rocky, it turned into a thrilling, and surprising read by the end. I didn’t realize before reading that it was the second in a series, but it stood alone quite well. There are a few remarks that hinted at a prior story, but nothing that stood in the way of enjoying and understanding this story. This book had several twists and turns, and in the first half, had several story lines that seemed very disconnected. I had a bit of trouble seeing the point to everything that was happening, but things […]

Apr 142015
Review: You Can Trust Me

This book was told in alternating chapters between Livy and the serial killer, and let me just tell you that the serial killer chapters were absolutely horrifying. They were so straight forward and emotionless, they really portrayed how utterly cold and psychotic the killer was. That one element made the book hard to put down because I wanted to know who that horrible person was. I was completely unable to guess who it was, and was shocked, surprised, and horrified at the reveal. It almost seemed worst because it seemed believable. Livy’s actual story didn’t fully impress me. I found […]

Apr 132015
Review: The Truth About Alice

I have wanted to read this book since I first saw details before its publication. I finally got to it, and in audiobook format even, and I’m so glad. This is an extremely powerful story. There are several things that greatly annoyed me, including the ending, but without spoilers, it’s hard to talk about any of it. Even though some parts made me angry, the fact that I felt such forceful emotions speaks volumes about the book. The audiobook has several narrators, one for each of the characters telling the story. It’s not often I listen to full cast narrations, […]

Apr 122015
Week in review Apr 12

This week was really all about Friday. It seemed like such a day. First, in the 30 seconds it takes for me to walk from our home computer to my office for work, our internet went out. Apparently it was out for most of the town, and since I need that for work, I had an unintended day off work. It was mostly spent lounging on the couch singing songs with my son and reading. Once the internet (and cable) came back up, our computer died. Like lagged so bad nothing could be opened or closed or clicked. It’s been […]

Apr 092015
Review: Now You See Me

I am quite amazed at how many twists and surprises there are in this story. I never would have guessed the ending, but it was done in a way that absolutely made sense, it was just entirely unpredictable. The story is set in London, and has a decidedly British feel. It was interesting to see what British police procedure is like. It’s not very different from Canadian or American procedure, but there were a few quirks that made the story feel a bit foreign. Along that theme, I listened to the audiobook version, and it was narrated with an amazing […]