Nov 262014
Discussion: Getting Back into the Swing of Things

I’m home from my trip! It’s was a great trip, although it felt way too short. The last 5 days were particularly rushed. But it was overall good to get home and see everyone. I took the trip as a true break from everything. I barely read, and did zero blogging beyond what was already scheduled. Which explains the almost week long break in posting. It was good for me as it gave me time to rest and relax fully. I always feel awkward when there is a posting break since I rarely have it. I question whether to just […]

Nov 202014
Genevieve Reviews: The Job

This is the third installment in this particular series, and this one is definitely consist with the first two. It’s a light hearted but well-written story about some cons who con the bad guys. It’s full of action, exotic locations, designer brands, and multiple capers. It’s fun, easy reading. Personally, I tend to get very emotionally invested in books. Will the two leads get together in the end? Will the bad guy get away? Is everything going to work out?!? It’s bad. I routinely look at the end of a book before I get there to see how things are […]

Nov 192014
Review: The Ultra Thin Man

I’m rather on the fence about this book. On one hand, this an intricate conspiracy story set on multiple planets with aliens and duel narration. On the other hand, the narrators are so identical they’re almost interchangeable and the world building is woeful low on details. Breaking it down, looking at characters first. The story is narrated by two old-school private investigators in alternating chapters. One has a first person narrative while the other has a third person narrative. That’s about the only difference between them. Other than that, the characters are super similar. At times, I found the only […]

Nov 182014
Review: Beyond the Shadows

The final book in any trilogy usually has a lot it needs to accomplish, and this book was no different. I’m very happy that not only did it wrap everything up in a satisfying and believable way, but there was a depth to the story that I was not expecting. I mentioned in reviews for previous installments that this series has a lovable protagonist, and that the series overall is supposed to have a balance of light and dark. Where the first book was really dark, this finale was really light. I was very surprised at how prevalent the theme […]

Nov 172014
Review: I've Got Your Number

This book is such a fun mixture of disaster and adventure. It has a feeling that is very similar to The Shopaholic series, but is a standalone story with a completely different setup. Well, not completely different as Poppy’s ridiculous exploits bring back the same rushed and energetic feel I get when reading the author’s other works. I can’t help but like Poppy. She may be a bit naive and fluttery, but she means well and is really good with people. Her adventures are fun to read, and I couldn’t help but laugh at some of things that happen. I […]

Nov 162014
Week in review Nov 16

I made it to Ontario! Let the visit begin. Actually, I arrived yesterday. I have basically all this week pre-scheduled, so I likely won’t be online much, but I’ll probably be popping on and off. The funny thing is that I seemed to do a ton of reading this week, even before I faced the cross country plane ride. Books read: Death Masks – A very full adventure with lots of familiar faces and a few new ones. The Accidental Alchemist – A fun story featuring lots of tea, and an awesome living gargoyle who cooks the most amazing sounding […]

Nov 142014
Discussion: Travelling with Books

Today is the day! My plane leaves tonight at 7 pm and I start my trip home to Ontario. I can’t call it a holiday since I have to work most days, but I’m still very excited. Part of any trip is deciding what to take with you. As a book blogger, I find I spend as much time debating book choices as I do clothing. I want to take books that I’m sure I will read, but I don’t want to weight down my luggage too much. This is when I love having an ereader. I’ve decided to take […]

Nov 132014
Review: Fifth Grave Past the Light

I finally like Reyes! Prior to this book, I was a bit hesitant about him, with moments where I really didn’t like him. But this book showed that he really actually cares for Charley, and really understands her. It was just great, and now I will happily root for him. I also liked that we got to learn more about Garrett. He’s one of my favourite characters, and I love that he got more page time this book, and also that his secrets are slowly being revealed. It’s amusing to watch Charley and Garrett interact as their relationship is so […]

Nov 122014
Review: Just Girls + Giveaway

Simply put, this was an amazing story. It is heartfelt and honest and is the perfect mix of drama and emotions. Ella’s story is very remarkable. I would almost say that Tucker’s is as remarkable since she takes it upon herself to protect a stranger with no benefit to herself. That is the action of a modern day hero, and one that should be applauded and respected. While there is a lot of talk of gender in the book, I enjoyed that the focus was on the story of Ella’s first year at college. I learned a lot reading the […]

Nov 112014
Review: The Three-Body Problem

I don’t read many translated stories, but this sounded like an interesting science fiction alien story. Unfortunately, I don’t think it quite got there. I DNF’d a third of the way in, and hadn’t reached any mention of aliens. I found this book read more like a science or history textbook than an actual story. There were historical tidbits, complete with footnotes, and an overall dry and unengaged feel. The first few chapters were all background information, and I found myself skimming it as I couldn’t see the importance of it to the story. Overall, the blurb sounded interesting, but […]