Mar 052015
Review: The Prophecy Con

I was so excited to read this book since I loved the first one, and the funny thing is I only discovered this sequel through a happy Twitter coincidence. I didn’t know this book was coming out until I talked to someone who was reading the first book, and I looked up a detail, and noticed this book. So I bought it, downloaded it, and read it right away. And then joined the Twitter conversation again to confirm when book 3 was coming out. This book has as much humour as the first book, and makes for a highly amusing […]

Mar 042015
Review: Tangled Threads

The more books I read (or listen to as I love the audiobooks) in this series, the more I realize that Gin is a big softie. She may be an accomplished and feared assassin, but she’s fiercely loyal to people she cares about, and she has a strong need for justice. It’s a unique characteristic in her line of work, and means that she seems to spend more time taking care of people and saving the underdog than she does doing strictly pay-for-hire jobs. It makes her character quite likeable. Another character I really like is Owen. He’s so sweet […]

Mar 032015
Interview with Greg Van Eekhout

If you had to describe your book Twitter style (140 characters or less), what would you say? Wizards get magic by eating the bones of magical creatures. A thief goes after some of the most powerful bones of all: his father’s. What books have influenced your writing? Practically everything I’ve read in one way or another. A lot of Vonnegut, Wizard of Earthsea, the short stories of Ray Bradbury, lots of Stephen King, Tim Powers, and all that hard stuff that I read as an English major. What’s your favourite part of writing a book? I like the brainstorming before […]

Mar 022015
Review: Kitty Hawk and the Tragedy of the RMS Titanic

I am so disappointed with Kitty’s choices and actions in this book. Up until now, she’s been a great heroine and role model, but the choices she makes in this book left me quite disgusted. Breaking and entering and stealing are not good choices, and the way Kitty shrugged off her actions as justifable because the victim didn’t want to work with them? Morally reprehensible. Maybe it’s just the mom in me, but this installment in the series left me very unhappy. I just wanted to shake Kitty and make her see that what she was doing was just not […]

Mar 012015
Week in review Mar 1

This past week has been really slow for reading. I haven’t really felt like picking up a book much lately. Mostly because my review writing backlog seems to be never ending and I haven’t been inspired to write the reviews lately. Watching the backlog grow is quite depressing, so I’ve altogether avoided books mostly this week. Books read: Shadows Have Gone – This was a much darker book than I was expecting. There is quite a bit of death, and an overall sadder feel. The Skin Map – I picked this up during an Audible sale, and totally loved it. […]

Feb 282015
Feb 2015 in review

February has felt like a quick and quiet month. I really don’t have a lot to say about it because nothing really stands out. Oh, except maybe that we have spring, with a few flowers popping up in the garden. I already have all my East Coast Facebook friends hating me for that, so I should probably brag about it here too. Books read: In February – 14 Year-to-date – 33 Favourite book of the month: My favourite book of the month was The Prophecy Con (Rogues of the Republic #2) by Patrick Weekes. This was a very humourous adventure […]

Feb 272015
Review: Hunter's Trail

This was the best book in the series so far! There was so much humour in the story that I found myself actually laughing out loud several times. There was lots of series development, and several plotline closures in this book. It had a very satisfying feel to it. Scarlett did a lot of growing up in the book, and seems to be coming into her power and potential some. Of course, she makes a lot of amusing missteps along the way though. On the character side, I found myself actually liking most of them, although Scarlett’s roommate Molly was […]

Feb 262015
Review: Slayers

Modern day dragons and dragon slayers. The very idea is enchanting and this story delivered well on the idea. With unique paranormal powers thrown in, it was like watching an exciting movie unfold. As with any movie though, there were good parts and bad. On the good side was the portrayal of the dragons, and the well thought out history. I was able to buy into the dragon stories easily, and enjoyed how everything was explained. On the not so great side, the characters were fairly stereotypical. You have the pretty-girl main character, two hot guys battling for her attention, […]

Feb 252015
Review: A Ghostly Undertaking

When I first started this book, I found it a bit hard to get into. It didn’t seem to have enough Southern charm, but by the time I reached the halfway point, I was taking back this opinion. it took a bit of time for that charm to unfold, but it did, and it resulted in a delightful story. There was quite a bit of humour in both Emma Lee and Ruthie’s characters, and I loved the slow connection and almost friendship they developed. The same could be said of Jack Henry too, whose character was very sweet. The story […]

Feb 242015
Review: The Life I Left Behind

This was a difficult book to read, mostly due to the overwhelmingly depressing feel of Melody’s narration. Her constant sorrow, terror and depression come through so strongly that it’s hard not to feel those emotions pulling at you. It’s not really a bad thing because that is a good sign of excellent writing, but it does still make the book a more difficult read. Melody’s narration is interspersed with Eve’s narration, which has a much lighter feel, even though Eve is dead and Melody is still alive. Eve’s voice is solemn, but it has a “moved beyond pain” feel that […]