Dec 182014
Review: For We Are Many

I am just so confused after reading this book. I have so many questions. And not in a good way. The premise of the book sounded really good, but the execution fell sadly short. It just seemed so disjointed and fast and incomplete. Without giving spoilers, it’s hard to articulate all my questions, but there is a group of people that just appear in the story, and they apparently become important, but I don’t know where they came from or really how they are. Fletcher’s story started off quite good. He’s obviously different and has some kind of ability that […]

Dec 172014
Review: Easy Origami Animals

I love origami. There is something so relax and fun about making something out of just paper. I’ve made origami before, so I had an idea what I was doing when I started working through the animals in the book. I like that it has simple diagrams that are easy to read. The only animal I had trouble was the standing crane, and I could not get the legs to work. That one part needed some clarifications, but everything else I could understand. There was a wide range of animals from very easy to somewhat tricky. I like the variety […]

Dec 162014
Review: Sharp

Another reviewer (Smexy Books) called this “the best series you are not reading. It’s like JD Robb meets Jim Butcher.” This may be the best description for this series. It really sums it up nicely. One thing that really stuck in my mind while listening to this story is how often the main character’s name is said. In the first book, I don’t think his first name was ever mentioned, but in this book, almost everyone says Adam’s name when talking to him. It was a very noticeable difference. One that had me feeling a bit awkward since the lack […]

Dec 152014
Interview: Sarah Noffke + Giveaway

If you had to describe your book Twitter style (140 characters or less), what would you say? Dreams are real. Nightmare too. One girl has no idea she holds the power to save dreamers. But to do it she’ll have to confront a nightmare no one has ever survived. What books have influenced your writing? My earliest influence was The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It was the first time I fell in love with literature. Then later, I read His Dark Materials Series by Philip Pullman and I was fell in love with YA. I remember thinking: I […]

Dec 142014
Week in review Dec 14

It’s hard to belief it’s less than 2 weeks until Christmas. That is partly due to the weather here. We’ve had several bad rainstorms, with some flooding downtown. That’s one good thing about having a house on the side of a mountain, there is really no danger of flooding in our neighbourhood. Some parts of town haven’t been so lucky though. The pictures that have been coming out of it are pretty spectacular though. Regardless, rainy BC Decembers just aren’t as Christmas-y as snowy Ontario Decembers. Books read: Hearts of Darkness – I’m not sure how I finished this. I […]

Dec 122014
Discussion: Putting Yourself in the Book

Do you ever put yourself in a book you’re reading? I do all the time. Not necessarily always into the action with the characters, but more often replacing the main characters with myself, and thinking, how would I do? This is especially true of dystopian or catastrophe stories. Would I survive a zombie apocalypse? Or a volcano act? What would I do if I was stranded by myself after a disaster? I think that’s part of the appeal of fiction. It lets you imagine scenarios that you’ll probably never face, or honestly, survive if you did face. I don’t do […]

Dec 112014
Review: Death Masks

This is a series that seems to get better with every installment. There more more creatures and ever escalating convolutions to plots. The only thing it’s missing is much development of the main character. Yes, Harry Dresden is still one of my favourite characters, but he never really seems to grow or change. This book is no different. He hasn’t learned any new magic since the last book, and yet he still manages to survive an encounter with an even bigger bad guy. I hope something about his character advances soon. This book saw the return of Michael from book […]

Dec 102014
Review: Fortune's Pawn

I’m always quick to say I love sci-fi books, but less quick to say I have a soft spot for space stories. Space and alien stories usually have way more potential than they actually deliver. Part of that is because female characters seem to be highly stereotypical in this genre. I’m super happy to say that this book killed those stereotypes and brought lots of action delivered through a very impressive female protagonist. Devi is a very focused and career driven woman. She knows what she wants, and she’s willing to do the work to get it. She’s not looking […]

Dec 092014
Review: The Impossible Knife of Memory

Quite frankly, I loved this book. It felt so raw and real. I could picture the characters as real people, and Hayley’s feelings and emotions really resonated with me. Even weeks after reading it, I still remember vividly how emotional this made me. I think the authenticity of Hayley’s ever changing emotional state is the part I most connected with. She goes through some very dark spells that I really understood. I’ve never been in her situation, but the emotions that came through in the writing were very real. It takes real skill to create emotion that leaps off the […]

Dec 082014
Review: The Knife's Edge + Giveaway

It’s been a while since I read an epic fantasy that really gripped me. This book did just that with its inventive legends of The Ronin, an almost mythical group of magical heroes. I loved following Grey as he learned about his past, his talents and his connection to the Ronin. He was an easy character to like. Charming, self-doubting, and fiercely loyal to his friends, he was so easy to root for. One of the tricky things about epic fantasy sagas is the immense amount of world building needed to create a success story. This book had a great […]