Mar 292015
Week in review Mar 29

I think it’s safe to say I’m officially in a reading slump. I’ve barely read any books this month, only audiobooks. I’ve been flying through those, and this week was no exception. Books read: Now You See Me – An interesting British-based mystery with a ton of twists and turns. The audiobook is narrated with an awesome accent. The Truth About Alice – I’ve been lusting over this book since I first heard about the ARCs. I’m so glad I finally got to experience it. Inside the O’Briens – So much crying. I read this all in one day, one […]

Mar 272015
Review: Hounded

Oh my gosh, I loved this book. This is another example where someone should have shoved this book into my face and told me I had to read it. I feel so late to the party! But that just means I can spend hours getting caught up without having to wait for the next book to be released. There is so much humour in this book, and it’s of the sarcastic snark variety that I love. I think every character gets off at least one good line, and both Atticus and Oberon zing them off almost constantly. It’s hilarious. Speaking […]

Mar 262015
Review: Masks and Mirrors

This book picks up immediately after the first book ends, with no time jump or recap. That’s great if you read them back to back, but I think a tiny bit of recap would be helpful for readers like me who had a lag of several months between books. This book focuses a lot on Jaered and his situation and actions. It’s a change from the first book, which focused primarily on Ian. It was an interesting change, and helped bring into focus the wider picture of the series. This book wasn’t just about Ian’s struggles, but about all the […]

Mar 252015
Discussion: Ebooks and Young Children

It’s no surprise that I read a ton of ebooks. Also no surprise that I read to my 5 year old son every day (mostly at bedtime, but sometimes he goes crazy on library day). What may be a surprise is that I never read ebooks with my son. It’s not for a lack of device, as we have 2 iPads in the house, along with my ereader. I’ve even downloaded a few children’s ebook apps on the iPad before, but they’re just not popular with either him or me. We prefer to read physical books. Part of it is […]

Mar 242015
Review: Shadows Have Gone

This third book in the series picked up immediately after the second book ended. It jumped right into the action, but there were enough recaps spread out over the first few chapters to help me remember everything important from the previous books. This story surprised me with how dark it was. There was quite a bit of death in this book, including some characters that I felt I knew and liked. It was powerful, and really highlight how uncertain and unsafe a post catastrophe world would be. One thing that I really enjoyed in this book was the sense of […]

Mar 232015
Review: Vacant

I’ve mentioned before that this is an amazing series that no one seems to be reading. I mean, only one of my Goodreads friends has reviewed this book, and only 7 others have it on their shelves. If you enjoy The Dresden Files, you really do need to check out this series. Start with book one though as each book builds onto the series. This book had so much happen! Adam goes away from his usual spot at Isabella’s side in order to work a case for the FBI. He’s really on his own for a change, and I’m so […]

Mar 222015
Week in review Mar 22

This was another slow reading week. I don’t have any reasoning, and nothing much happened this week, I just didn’t feel like picking up my book much. Books read: The Private School Murders – A quick and intricate YA murder mystery whose audiobook narration features a very age appropriate sounding voice. Masks and Mirrors – I think I liked it, but it wasn’t very memorable at all. Books received: none

Mar 202015
Review: The Damned

This was such a creepy book. It stopped short of full on horror, but the premise of the book was very creepy and there were a few scenes that made you want to turn on all the lights. The idea that a near death experience could result in you bringing something back to life with you is terrifying. The way Danny brought back his completely psychopathic twin sister’s ghost was so scary. Not just because it’s a malevolent ghost, but her back story and her behaviour were just so creepy. Not only was this the story of Danny battling for […]

Mar 192015
Review: The Skin Map

I’ve had this book on my wishlist for quite a while, so when it went on sale at Audible, I snatched up a copy. I’m so glad I did! This was a fun time travel story, complex yet understandable with lots of interesting parts. The story focuses mostly on Kit and his adventures, but there are interspersing chapters for his girlfriend Wilhemina, who gets “lost” in time when Kit tries to show her what he did. Her chapters were my favourite. She assimilated into her new location and time so well, and started to make a very interesting life for […]

Mar 182015
Discussion: Do You Need to be a Romantic to Enjoy Romance Books?

Confession: I’m not a romantic. I don’t believe in true love or soul mates or love at first sight or everlasting love. I’m a total cynic. And yet I occasionally love a good romance story. Not all the time mind you, I often give myself eye strain rolling my eyes at romance plots, but sometimes, there’s a romance that just makes me giddy and mushy. I love a good slow build. Or lust at first sight accompanied by personality clashes that need to be overcome. Those are situations I can believe in, and that I enjoy reading. I believe they’re […]