Sep 212014
Week in review Sept 21

School is starting here! Yay! I’m very happy that there is finally a deal and my son starts kindergarten this week. Books read: Through the Veil – A delightful romance that was both steamy and full of adventure and paranormal wonders. The Husband’s Secret – I’m really sorry to DNF this. I heard wonderful things, but when my iPhone did something and made the audiobook files unplayable, I realized I didn’t care enough about the story to fix it so I could finish it. Books received: I actually have incoming physical books this week. The Mirror Empire arrived from The [...]

Sep 202014
Review: Kitty Hawk and the Icelandic Intrigue

After the first two books in the series took place in North America, Kitty is finally heading out on a true adventure beyond her home continent. Her first stop is Iceland, where she obviously runs into some trouble. I was excited to see her heading to Iceland. I know very little about the country, so it was interesting to read all the historical and culture tidbits in the story. I did find that some of these educational pieces didn’t blend into the story as well though, and at times they seemed quite out of place. Overlooking the obvious education, the [...]

Sep 192014
Review: Kindling the Moon

Not a new series to the urban fantasy genre, but a new-to-me one, and one that I’m very happy to have found. Arcadia (Cady) Bell is a sassy and busy heroine. Her series starts with quite a few tasks and adventures, which made for a very exciting story. Cady is a likeable character, and so is her somewhat partner Lon, but it’s Lon’s son Jupe who clearly steals the show. A talkative and very charismatic young teen, he brings a ton of light, energy and sheer fun to every scene he’s in. I seriously want more story, just so Jupe [...]

Sep 182014
Guest Post: Stephanie Cole explains Why Alaska + Giveaway

Why does Compass North take place in Alaska? It’s the perfect place for Meredith’s story… Compass North is a romantic suspense novel about personal reinvention. Meredith narrowly escapes a catastrophic accident and is presumed dead. She slips into a new identity and a new life in Homer, Alaska, leaving behind her deceitful husband and her disastrous marriage back in Florida. She finds that it’s not that easy to leave the baggage of the past behind, but she discovers that she can peel back the layers of unhappiness that have weighed her down, to find her strength and joy again. But [...]

Sep 172014
Interview: Clare Marshall

I have Canadian author Clare Marshall here answering a few questions for her blog tour for her book The Violet Fox. She just recently revealed the cover for the second book in the series, Silver Spear. If you had to describe your book Twitter style (140 characters or less), what would you say? The Violet Fox: Cinderella meets Robin Hood in an epic fantasy land. What books have influenced your writing? Specifically for The Violet Fox, George R. R. Martin gave me a lot to think about with his detailed world building. After reading A Song of Ice and Fire [...]

Sep 162014
Review: Conduits

This was a very dark story with both elements of psychological and paranormal horror. Mara is a very confused girl that self-mutilates and begins to blurs reality with imagination. Her delusions seem like paranormal elements, and the reader is left wondering if they are real, or if everything was in Mara’s head. This was a quick, yet very creepy read. The journey into Mara’s descent is the focus, not the cause or the end result. It’s a haunting story that strikes a perfect balance between a dark plot and lyrical prose. I usually prefer to know clearly whether a story [...]

Sep 152014
Review: Compass North

Have you ever thought about abandoning your life and starting over somewhere new, as someone new? That’s exactly what Meredith does in this book, and it made for a beautiful story. Meredith is an easy character to feel sorry for. She’s obviously in shock when her life falls apart, and her whole adventure to Homer starts with her in that state of shock. It’s almost palpable, and I was impressed that the impression of Meredith’s mind came through so easily, especially since the setting and story were so clear. The setting was definitely one of the highlights of the story. [...]

Sep 142014
Week in review Sept 14

Well, two weeks of no school done, and the end still doesn’t look in sight. It’s frustrating. On a personal side, the week wasn’t very good. I’m been feeling exhausted and under the weather, so I’m trying to do as much relaxing as possible this weekend. And instead of reading, I’ve been marathoning Supernatural. I’m about halfway through season 5 now. I don’t think I’ll be caught up before season 10 starts in October, but I’m enjoying it anyway. Books read: Generation 18 – This second book was a strong sequel with an exciting plot, and some great series development. [...]

Sep 132014
Review: Beautiful Disaster

There is so much controversy and divided thoughts on this book, not just in the book community, but also in my own head. The story is so aptly titled, I’m not even sure where to start. It’s kind of sad, but the characters seem quite real. They are messy and emotional and act like real people. It makes it easy to follow and understand the story, but it’s sad because they are making an incredible mess of their lives. Both Abby and Travis are train wrecks, and together they are a fireball of bad decisions. There were a few elements [...]

Sep 122014
Genevieve Reviews: The Fire Wish

I’d been waiting for this one for a while and I think it really delivered. The writing is good, the story is exciting, and the worldbuilding is creative. Half of this book is set in Baghdad, the other half in the jinni’s caverns. The two unusual settings made the book really feel different from anything I’ve read in YA recently. All the little details, from what people are wearing to what houses looked like, were really interesting and add a richness to the story. The plot moved along pretty fast and I never found myself bored with the story. The [...]